Source of paper dust

In order to achieve stable paper properties, paper filler will be added during the manufacturing process. For ordinary paper, the filler would be grounded calcium carbonate (GCC). When the paper passing the laser copier/printer, the cheap paper filler (GCC) will flake away from the surface and remain in the equipment, called as the paper dust. Long time accumulation of paper dust will damage the parts and consumables, and lead to many problems that put the normal operation of the equipment at stake.

Problems caused by paper dust

  • Paper jam

  • Paper dust affects the graphic output

    Paper dust will leave in Laser/Scanner System, Fuser, Photosensor, Cartridge and other image sensing assembly unit, eventually affecting graphic output.

  • Increase equipment failure and maintenance cost

    Ordinary paper uses cheap ground calcium carbonate with particles in different shapes and sizes as the paper filler, which directly increase the roughness of the paper surface. The accumulated paper dust causes the unconventional wear of the parts and components within the laser equipment, shortens its lifespan, accelerates depreciation and increases daily maintenance costs. HP papers strictly control the manufacturing process, the size and distribution of the paper filler; less paper dust prevents the occurrence of above mentioned situation.

HP papers offer the solution

  • Reduce paper feed failure to improve office efficiency

    HP papers’ failure rate is 1/4 times of that using ordinary paper.”No” paper dust HP papers which use high quality paper filler will significantly improve paper dust problem, increase the effective operation time of equipment, solve paper jam issue and save your time cost.

  • Reduce equipment maintenance cost

    Imaging quality decline and frequent replacement of cartridge virtually increase the costs for copy and print. HP copy paper prevents the cartridge from absorbing toner and being contaminated by paper dust during static transfer print process, ensures the output graphic quality, reduces the frequency of replacing cartridge and reduces equipment maintenance cost.

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